In the book “Dance with the Elephant” I wrote: “As the winds and rain slowly erase the tangible aspects of your life, your major contribution to humanity will be measured by the stories you created in the hearts of the people you’ve touched. There will be no moving van to haul your earthy possessions to the grave. “

Have you ever thought about what is going to be your legacy? What are the most important aspects of your life story? If you had the option to engrave your story into stone what would it say? Is your story worth remembering or telling?

Memorials are a part of our history, from the cave walls of the stone age, to pyramids of the Egyptians, to the granite sculptures lining our Nation’s Capital, we have always taken the time to remember the people or events that have shaped our lives. For centuries we have told our stories in stone. Your story is not worth less or worthless. If you held a secret pole within your family and friends, I bet they would most likely say your story is priceless.

How much would you pay to spend one more day with someone who you loved who has died? The term “priceless” is not much of an emotional stretch when it comes to mother, father, brother, sister or a dear friend who has died. We probably would give almost anything to see, hear, or to touch them again.

While writing the stories of our loved ones in stone is a woefully inadequate method to express the depth of our love and connection; it is non-the-less a very important process to our human experience. We are built to remember people or events that defined us. One example of this is expressed in how important it is for us to remember the sacrifice the members of the military have made to ensure our freedom. Monuments are an important tangible reminder of our story and history. Expressing the legacy of those closest to us in a permanent form will stand the test of time. Their stories will always be worth telling and remembering!

Don Calhoun
CEO Murphy Granite

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