Rock Pitched Finish

  • Done by Hydraulic Splitter and By Hand
  • Typically Least Expensive Finish
  • Not Engraveable

Sawed / Smooth / Honed Finishes

  • Done by Sawing Granite
  • Smooth Finish is Lightly Rubbed
  • Honed is Rubbed Heavily to a Matt Finish
  • Often Used On None Exposed Surfaces
  • Can Be Engraved
  • Natural Granite Color is Hidden

Thermal Finish

  • Done by Automation or By Hand Flaming
  • Great For Non Slip Surfaces
  • Hard to Engrave
  • Rarely Used In Memorial Work

Polished Finish

  • Done by Automation or By Hand
  • Cost Varies be Degree of Automation
  • Most Common Finish For Engraving