Tell me about Murphy Granite Carving

Murphy Granite EmployeesOur company had its humble beginning back in 1961 when owner Tim Murphy started moonlighting from his full-time job with Cold Spring Granite, and began carving cemetery headstones, grave markers and monuments for families in Central Minnesota. In 1968, Tim decided to go full-time on his own and quit his secure stone cutting and polishing job for the Granite Company. The early years were hard and tough while Tim worked out of his tiny garage with limited staff, money and equipment. It took another eight years for the company to grow sufficiently so that it could upsize with the purchase of the present building site and location in Richmond, Minnesota. In the early 1980's, Tim's dream truly began to take shape and it marked a time when he brought several of his sons into the company to help in its continued growth and expansion.

It was in 1986 that Tim Murphy decided it was time to retire and look into selling his business. Tim approached Ron Nagel, a long-time successful Midwest monument builder who was looking to expand his production capacity. Tim sold the company to Ron, but agreed to initially stay on as a managing advisor. Together, the new management team brought further improvement and success to Murphy Granite. By hiring the right people, upgrading the equipment, and establishing the industry's highest standards of quality, service and value, the company continued to flourish on into the 1990's.

As Tim Murphy was making plans to retire, Ron decided the time was right to bring aboard his old business partner's son, Don Calhoun. Don brought with him a well-established sales and management career in the monument building business with experience throughout North America. Don would take the lead role at Murphy Granite and would continue the company's customer satisfaction focused strategy to become one of the leading memorial companies in the Upper Midwest. Ron's son Todd joined Don a few years later. Todd added a new discipline and experience in computer aided drafting and design. Most recently, Don has joined with Ron Nagel's two sons Todd and Scott, who together own and operate two successful monument manufacturing plants across Minnesota, servicing the greater Midwest states.

Today, Murphy Granite has assembled a diverse team of talented creative designers and master stone masons. We are dedicated to leading the industry in granite carving technology and product innovation. We strive to be the best storytellers of your most treasured memories and love. Whether you are choosing a permanent memorial for the cemetery, or a granite keepsake for the home or garden, we believe that compassion, empathy and personal care are the cornerstones to creating your legacy memorial. We aspire to make the process simple, meaningful and professional.

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